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These forms and processes should be utilized by Annuitants located in the United States.

Address Change Form

All address changes must be received in writing and must include the signature of the person or persons receiving the payment, their legal representative or the owner. If a legal representative is signing on behalf of the person receiving the payment, a copy of the legal document showing the authorization must accompany the request. The form includes instructions and submission requirements.

Beneficiary Form

To request a beneficiary change, complete, sign and submit this form. Once the completed form is received, the owner will be contacted for approval (if person completing is not the owner). After approval/disapproval by the owner is received, the requestor will receive a notification via mail.

Name Change Form

To change your legal name due to a marriage, divorce, adoption, etc., a copy of the legal document that confirms your current legal name is required. This could be a marriage license, a divorce decree, adoption paperwork, driver's license or a copy of your new social security card.

Please complete the Name Change Form, include the legal documentation and follow the submission guidelines. After the required documentation is received, the file will be notated and the information changed so that payments will be sent with the correct name.

Direct Deposit Request Form

Payments can be made directly to your bank by ACH Transfer. This eliminates any delay of delivery by the postal service. Payments by this method are transmitted to the bank the working day before the payment due date. The receiving bank determines when the funds are posted into your account.

NOTE: An ACH transfer is electronic; however, it is NOT considered a wire transfer and is normally handled in a different department within the bank.

Death Claims Process Information

A death is an unfortunate event that requires diligent efforts on the part of those left behind. Please click on the following link to obtain some general guidelines concerning this process.

Common Questions regarding payments:

  • I need to obtain a Schedule of Future Payments, what can I do?

  • When is my payment mailed or transmitted electronically to my bank?
    To inquire about the timing of your payments please consult the Timing of Payments Guidelines to obtain some general guidelines concerning this process.

  • What do I do if I have not received my payment?
    If you have a need to stop payment consult the Stop Payment Process guidelines concerning this process.

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